Thread Vein Reduction


Using IPL the vascular lesion is treated without damaging the surrounding tissue.  The treatments are successful against “Spider Veins”, “Thread Veins” and “Broken Capillaries” on the face and upper body. It is also possible to treat Rosacea.

The treatment is quick and virtually pain free.  There is no recovery time and clients may continue with their normal routine immediately after treatment.

Between 3 and 5 treatments will be needed for permanent removal, although additional treatments may be needed for problem lesions.

We have over 14 years experience in IPL vein removal treatments and have become a trusted clinic for thousands of clients.

Thread Vein - Before & After

Vascular Lesions / Thread Veins

Consultation & Patch Test £ 30
Nose – Single Session £ 70
Cheeks – Single Session £ 70
Nose & Cheeks – Single Session £ 120


Consultation & Patch Test required for all new clients