Sunbed Tanning Information

Sunbed Tanning General Info

Clapham’s Luxury Tanning & Sunbed Shop. We pride ourselves on our commitment to helping our clients get the best possible tan in the safest possible way.

All of our staff are fully trained in responsible tanning and are able to recommend the safest way to build a tan.

Each new client is required to fill out a consultation card, and from the information provided we can tailor a course and lotion package designed to give you a great looking tan.

Sunbeds from 70p/min


Sunbed Tanning Information

There are a variety of different tanning applications available at our Clapham High Street Tanning Salon…

Stand Up or Vertical Sunbed Tanning

Our new Ergoline Sunrise Stand Up units are the most advanced Stand Up Sunbeds available and offer a fast, convenient and hygienic tanning service, ideal for clients who want to build up a beautiful tan, but who don’t have much time on your hands.

Lay Down or Horizontal Sunbed Tanning

Our KBL Megasun sunbeds offer a relaxing, comfortable and hygienic tanning service, suited for those of you who want to escape for a few minutes whilst building a beautiful tan.

Our Tanning packages are great value and start from only 70 pence per minute.

Tanning Lotions

Lotions are recommended for use with any UV tanning application. These not only accelerate your tan (up to 60% faster tan), but provide your skin with the nutrients sometimes lost by exposure to UV light. Many lotions also provide essential anti-oxidants which prevent premature ageing.