Safe UV Tanning

Purity Skin Centre can help you to tan safely.

Purity Skin Centre can help you to tan safely.

Our responsible approach to tanning and skin care fully complies with the Health and Safety guidelines (HSEINDG 209) as produced by the U.K. Health Executive. Furthermore, our in-house education and certification programme exceeds the parameters of the guidelines referred to above.

Our cutting edge technology ensures your UV tanning sessions are regulated, so over-exposure should not occur.

Purity Skin Centre is also licensed by Lambeth Council who inspect and certifies that our salon maintains a safe tanning environment for all of our clients.

Skin Type Consultation

The consultation you receive from your consultant enables him/her to determine your recommended dosage of UV light. This, in part is guided by your skin type. It is very important to establish your skin type as this highlights the way your body responds to UV.