New 2019 Sunbed Pricing

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Sunbed Tanning Packages

Our new 2019 Sunbed pricing is here! Can be used on our “Ergoline Sunrise” Stand Up Machines & our Luxurious “KBL Megasun 4800” Laydown Machines

Our Tanning Packages are great value allowing you to build a tan over a 30 day period for less.

Package Name Price Minutes Validity
Bronze Tanning Package £ 25 30 Min 30 Days
Silver Tanning Package £ 42 60 Min 30 Days
Gold Tanning Package £70 Unlimited* 30 Days

* All Tanning Packages valid for 30 days from purchase date.

Single Session Prices £1 per minute

Our single sessions are ideal for casual tanning, as a pay-as-you-use system. We charge the same price for Stand up and Lay down machines, with LITTLE-NO waiting time.

KBL Megasun Laydown Sunbed

KBL Megasun 4800 Sunbed

Laydown Sunbed Single Sessions – £1 per minute

Dedicated Vitamin D Booster Lamps

Intensive Facial Booster Lamps

Body Cooling Ventilation System

MP3 Stereo Sound System



Ergoline Standup Sunbed Machine

Ergoline Sunrise Stand Up Tanning Booth

Stand Up Tanning Sessions – £1 per minute

Intelligent Tanning with Dynamic Power

Silent 360° Body Cooling

3D Sound Voice Guide & MP3 Connection

Spacious Air Conditioned Room

Mobile Phone Charging Points for iPhone & others

Little or no waiting time during peak periods




Terms & Conditions: Package deals are memberships for personal use and may not be shared or transferred to any third party. All packages valid for 30 days.

*Gold Tanning Package subject to “Safety Policy” and requires Biometric password for individual use only.