Mens Waxing

Men’s Waxing Services available at Purity Skin Centre.

Mens Waxing Experts, why trust your body to another less experienced clinic.

At Purity Skin Centre we have built a reputation for high quality waxing, with the minimum of client discomfort. why trust your skin to another, less experienced clinic. We have over 14 years experience, and are established and trusted experts in male waxing. Our strip wax is certified “Vegan Friendly”. With our new Harley Hot Wax, the treatment is virtually painless. We are trusted experts in Mens Waxing and we understand the problems many men face after waxing. Our clients are advised of the best aftercare waxing products and techniques to avoid ingrown hairs between treatments. Many of our male clients travel from all over London to have their waxing treatment with us. We are also experts in Ladies Waxing, so bring your Wife/Girlfriend.

Areas Strip Wax Hot Wax
Buttocks £ 40 £ 60
Full Arm £ 30 N/A
Half Arm £ 25 N/A
Underarm £ 15 £ 20
Full Back (excluding shoulders) £ 25 £ 35
Shoulders £ 18 £ 25
Lower Back £ 18 £ 25
Back & Shoulders £ 35 £ 45
Full Back & Shoulders Extended £ 45 £ 60
Chest £ 25 £ 35
Abdomen £ 18 £ 25
Chest & Abdomen £ 35 £ 45
Neck £ 17 £ 22
Eyebrow £ 12 £ 15
Nose N/A £ 15
Ears N/A £ 15

Note: Please note that if trimming is needed before your waxing service can be performed, additional fees will be applied to service costs quoted above. Prices listed above are a guideline only. If we need a longer time to carry out your service, we reserve the right to charge additional fees on a timed basis.

Purity Skin Centre is an authorised Harley Waxing Salon Partner