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Laser Hair Removal Treatments Information

We have been in the Laser Hair removal business for over 12 years. Our experienced therapists have treated thousands of happy clients over the years. After 12 years we have become a trusted salon for Laser Hair removal treatments for both sexes. Our unique laser hair removal system treats and all skin types and colours. All without pain or down-time. For most body areas, on average between 6-8 sessions are needed. Treatments are generally spaced a month apart. Some body areas may need more treatments, and this is generally due to your genetics and the type of hair to be removed.

Why Choose Us?

We take time to conduct a full consultation with you before you start your treatment. During this appointment, we will inform you how the process works and most importantly, answer all of your questions. We really do care about our clients and we want you to be happy with the results. It’s why 9 out of 10 of our clients would recommend us to a friend or relative.

Pricing Options

We offer two flexible pricing options. Single sessions allow you to pay as you go. We also offer packages of six treatments (pay for 5 only, the sixth treatment is free).
For our latest pricing for Ladies and Men visit our Laser Hair Removal pricing pages.

Who is suitable for treatment?

We will ask some screening questions before you book in for a consultation. In general, if you are currently suffering from a medical condition or taking medications, we may not be able to treat you. We also can’t treat pregnant or breast-feeding mothers or those who currently have a sun tan in the proposed treatment area. Our trained staff can answer more specific questions before you decide to book for a consultation. For more details please complete our treatment enquiry form and we will respond to your enquiry. Or simply call us on 020 7622 3700 during our opening hours.