Introducing a clever new Peel

Introducing a clever new Peel

Most people hear the words “Chemical Peel” and immediately images of skin flaking from the face are conjured up. However, new modern peel ingredients has made this type of treatment something that can be done at any time. Even immediately before a special event.

The new G&T Peel uses the power of Glycolic Acid and the Anti-inflammatory effects of Taurine, to provide a safe but effective peel with instant results. The treatment itself takes as little as 20 minutes and can be easily performed during a lunch break.  Afterwards the skin may be slightly red for an hour or so, but most clients have not experienced noticeable redness lasting more than a few hours.

Peels are generally very effective at reducing Acne, Hyperpigment on the skin (Sun Damage), as well as Skin Luminosity and shine. They are becoming more popular due to the instant results seen after just one peel, and how well tolerated they are.

One of Purity Skin Centre’s Peel Practitioners, Mark says “I see more and more clients who want to improve the texture and tone of their skin. Many times they feel that their skin is lack-lusture and that they see their skin looking tired and dull. Many of these clients go on to do a series of G&T Peels and use a small selection of products at home which stunning results. I then get their friends, family or partners coming to see me for the same treatment.”

For more information about how a G&T peel could work for you, have a look at the following webpage and then book a consultation to talk about your skin care goals. G&T Peels from Purity Skin Centre


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